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SFU Colloquium and Vancouver Pro Musica – Talks, Panels, Demos…

Fall 2016 has been an important period for DIGITAL_DUETS, for both development and dissemination.

While I’ll save updates about technical stuff for another, later, beefier post, here I’d like to quickly share some info about two interesting dissemination events happened in this period. Let’s go in chronological order.

In October, Sid and I have been invited to give a talk at the Graduate Research Colloquium,  a research forum organized by the SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology [SIAT for friends]. The title of the talk was “Design for Human Experience and Expression at the HCT Laboratory” and it heavily capitalized on the latest development of DIGITAL_DUETS. I took the wheel in the middle of the talk to present the details of our in-progress novel acoustic model and its applications in articulatory speech synthesis [2D vowels]. I also tossed in something from the awesome CAA performance we had in September this year.
At the end [but also in the middle] we had a Q&A session which somewhat drifted into a panel, with some inspiring discussion with SIAT prof. Philippe Pasquier.

Here is the official Colloquium page of the talk:

The page also contains a link to a nice video recording of the whole session.


Less than a month after this talk, I have been invited to participate in an Expert Panel, as part of the Vancouver ProMusica Electroacoustic Festival, held at the Wester Front. Other than myself, the panel was populated by a bunch of friend of mine [Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa and David Storen] who presented their latest audio/visual works and compositions, and was moderated again by Philippe Pasquier. My contribution focused on the usage of the DIGITAL_DUETS 2D propagation technology for innovative musical composition and live performance. The cool thing is that I towed there my whole development rig, including my workstation equipped with an Nvidia GTX Titan X, a Wacom Tablet screen and an M-Audio audio interface. With these tools I’ve been able to dress my talk with real-time demos of all the features I was introducing. I nice touch (;
Nice questions from the audience, inspiring as usual, a nice exchange of ideas with the co-panelists.

Unfortunately there is no video recording of this event, but here is the official blurb of the night:

I strongly recommend to check out Kıvanç and Mirjana’s installation and David’s composition, really cool art/tech projects.




Let’s go back to my 2D propagation model, I have a new toy to build_



Victor Zappi

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