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Invited Talk at Moving Stories May Residency

10603798_947238545394670_7182767155763672555_nI have been invited to give a talk at the Moving Story May Residency that will take place May 24th-28th at Emily Carr University, here in Vancouver. I am scheduled for Thursday 26th, h 1:01pm.

The title of my talk is “Constraints, Hacking, Challenge and Intimacy: an Exploration of the Complex World of Digital Musical Instruments“. It’s gonna be an overview the last 3 years of research on DMIs, where research questions and results are supported by a selection of literature in HCI, physiology and psychology.

Of course it’s gonna be quite provocative as usual.
Bonus points:

Prof. Marcelo Wanderley will be there as well, as a keynote speaker. I am looking forward to meeting him!
A bunch of talented friends from Paris and Vancouver will present their works.
I like the idea of spending some more time on Granville Island.



I am already warming up for the morning movement sessions_

Victor Zappi

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