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Bela and the D-Box on Kickstarter [and they’re nailing it]


Bela, the ultra-low latency audio and sensor platform that was inspired by the Hackable Instruments project, was officially launched on Kickstarter some days ago. And it is already fully funded, including some stretch goals! Another great work from  Andrew and my former colleagues from the amazing Augmented Instruments lab. Someone may have noticed that among the juicy perks the campaign offers there are 20 D-Boxes and they are all gone…


This is incredibly exciting for me. Most of the people who start composing and performing with the D-Box end up developing unique playing techniques and personal style. These beautiful examples of musical appropriation have heavily inspired the music I make with my little wooden hackable boxes and I am looking forward to new unexpected, noisy, poetic, disruptive D-Box music.


Once again,

let the hack begin_

Victor Zappi

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